Anaheim High Pile Permit

What is a High Pile Permit?

Permits for storage racking may be required from the local city and fire departments. If the height exceeds the limits, an Anaheim High Pile Permit may be required.

anaheim high pile permit

In this section, we will learn about the two types of racking permits, their requirements and most importantly how to get them. If you are looking for a high pile permit vendor, use our easy to find search page to locate someone in your area.

Pallet Racking Permit Basics

Regulations for rack permits vary by area. In seismic regions regulations are more stringent. Fire regulations are more aligned across the country.

In most areas and depending on the size of your warehouse you may need a permit from your local building and safety. A high pile permit may be required for heights that are above the regulation. Your local fire department typically issues high pile permits. Check with your local government to understand the process.

Why are Storage Racking Permits Needed?

Made from steel and if not properly designed and secured, racks represent a danger to employees. In some big box stores, racking is a potential threat to the public.

Fire codes rank commodities based on their flammability. Products ranked higher on this scale may require special sprinkler and/or fire prevention measures.

Permit Fees

Permit application fees vary by city or county. In many cases, your permit agent will let you know what they are. These are in addition to what your vendor charges.

How to Make Pallet Racking Safe?

anaheim warehouse racking permit

The first step in ensuring that your racking is safe is to have the structure evaluated by a licensed engineer. A calculations package that includes dimensions, (height, width, length) desired weight capacity, slab thickness, and type of material is used to determine how the structure should be built and secured.

Heavier loads may require additional bracing. In older buildings, additional restrictions may apply.

The sprinkler system in use does have to support the commodities you are storing. Newer warehouses that use the latest fire technology should work fine. Older buildings may require some work.

Through the use of proper engineering and using fire prevention measures, you can ensure that your structure will be sound and safe.

Locating an Anaheim High Pile Permit Vendor in Your Area

One of the most important steps you can take is to let a professional handle your permit requests. An experienced partner that can work by your side and that represents your best interest. These vendors are typically better equipped and set up to handle any issued that may arise.

Our handy search form can help you locate someone in your area.

The High Pile Permit Process

This length of this process will vary by location. You should allocate a minimum of four weeks.

  1. Map and survey the facility.

  2. Research fire codes and regulations.

  3. Get a licensed engineer to approve the plans.

  4. Submit the application to the city.

  5. Submit the request to fire.

  6. Take care of any revisions.

  7. Schedule all inspections.

  8. Pay and pull the permits.


Trying to get a permit on your own may not be such a good idea. The time you will spend on this is probably better spent on marketing or operations. So let a professional handle it.

Jane Shu works at a pallet racking company that also does high pile permits.

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